Powering Change




Tom Duckett | President, RES Distributed

Prior to joining RES in 2009, I worked in sustainable commercial construction and green building. I'm passionate about renewable energy and sustainability, and I wanted to get into renewable energy project development. I found RES' methodology and approach to project delivery to be a good fit, and I like the entrepreneurial culture. One of the things I like best about my job is interacting with a wide range of clients and finding solutions to their renewable energy challenges. I'm an avid triathelete, and Colorado's outdoor lifestyle is great!

Shalini Ramanathan | VP, Origination

I've been with RES since June 2007. I'm excited to work on the transformation of the world's energy infrastructure. Before joining RES, I worked for CAMCO (another UK-based company) in Nairobi, Kenya and before that for the National Renewable Energy Lab here in the US. I've worked on renewable energy/sustainability projects in Southern and East Africa, India, and the Philippines, in addition of course to the U.S. market.



Steve Reutcke | Senior VP, HSQE

I joined RES in 2006 as a project manager, having filled similar roles for 25+ years, primarily in nuclear construction quality and safety management. One of the things I like about RES is the focus on innovation and our openness to "out-of-the-box" ideas. Having started and run two successful businesses, I like RES' entrepreneurial spirit, and the freedom to try new things. I'm originally from Chicago, and I really enjoy living in Colorado, although I prefer to enjoy the "active outdoor lifestyle" from a comfortable chair with a cold local microbrew!

Karla Lovelady, SPHR | HR Manager

I started my career as a Purdue University graduate with a B.S. in Management, Industrial Relations. I joined Wal-Mart management in Texas during the company's infancy, when they only had 450 stores. However, after 16 years, expanding to 2,900+ stores and eight store moves across Texas, I was ready for a change. I joined RES Americas in 2006, and I really love it here. Working at RES provides a fast pace, the ability to make a difference in the business, and to see the results of your efforts.

My daily projects are a combination of technical HR functions that range from employee relations, international immigration practices, tax equalization, policies, and general employment law, to "soft skills" such as communication, performance coaching and interviewing. I also work with Project Controls, HSQE and Risk Management to determine how to evaluate, apply or modify best practices in our business.

I grew up as an Army brat, and I've moved a total of 36 times, including three years in Germany. My travels now tend to include architectural and historical tours, whether in New York, Chicago, or Savannah, Georgia.



Yulia Lushnikova | Business Development Manager

I joined RES in 2011, prior to which I spent over eight years working in various roles in the electrical equipment and construction industries. At first, I focused exclusively on utility-scale wind but later transitioned to the solar energy marketplace.

With RES, I concentrate on solar projects that are about to be built in North America. My job involves a tremendous amount of research and networking, following business leads wherever they might take me.

What inspires me most of all is being a part of a large group of individuals, all of whom are "characters" united by the same passion for building renewable energy projects that benefit our planet. Many different words can be used to describe the work environment here, but "boring" definitely isn't one of them!

Alex Bamberger | Senior Data Scientist

After graduating from college, I was looking for a job in the renewable energy industry when I came across a picture in a magazine of some wind turbines in front of the Flatirons. It grabbed my attention, and the article introduced me to RES. I spoke with an employee mentioned in the article for over an hour, and was amazed at the company he described - a company that wanted to promote a renewable future while also respecting the communities and people that make renewables possible.

After my interview, it was clear that working at RES would allow me to think in a creative manner, solve problems and propose new ideas. I also like the upbeat culture -- people are motivated and really into their work. My coworkers and I frequently bounce ideas off one another, which is great.

In my first year here I had the opportunity to point our development team to a new site and design it from the ground up. Designing a new site is very exciting. There are so many aspects that come into play when choosing a new site - wind, transmission, geography, environmental sensitivities, and landowner interests, to name just a few. Each site is unique, and putting all the pieces of the puzzle together through creative teamwork is tremendously rewarding.

Finding solutions to problems is the most motivating aspect of my job, especially in a field that I want to help develop. The company has allowed me some time to explore pertinent topics that interest me. For example, I've done some research on wind resource instrumentation that challenges currently accepted procedures.