Powering Change


Please come and meet members of RES Americas, RES Canada, and RES Chile at the following events:


PVSC 42 Logo

42nd IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference

New Orleans, LA - June 14-19, 2015

The RES Americas solar engineering team of Jitendra Morankar and Igor Koshkin will be presenting a technical poster on, "Addressing PV Plant Performance Test Uncertainties - Case Studies with Data Analysis," on June 17th at 12:00pm.

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Gss2 Gridscalestorage

Grid-Scale Energy Storage Summit

Los Angeles, CA - June 16-18, 2015

Please come visit our booth in the Pacific Ballroom at the Portofino Hotel. 

Rob Morgan, Chief Strategy Officer of RES Americas, will speak during "Utility-Scale Storage 'Peakers' - Fantasy or Reality" on June 18th at 3:45pm. 

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Windpower Monthly

Windpower Monthly's Wind Resource Assessment Forum

Houston, TX - June 17-18, 2015

Alexandre Kapetanovic, Manager Data Analysis and Instrumentation of RES Americas, will participate on a panel discussion addressing "How the Industry Can Develop Standardized Uncertainty Methodologies," on June 17th at 10:45am.

Mr. Kapetanovic will also speak on "How to Successfully Interpret Information Received from Remote Sensing Instruments," on June 17th at 1:45pm.

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